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Belvedere Bungalows, backside of restaurant
Belvedere Bungalows, restaurant
Belvedere Bungalows, backside of restaurant
Belvedere Bungalows, Bungalow
Belvedere Bungalows, Bungalow
Belvedere Bungalows, view to chaloklum bay


Belvedere Bungalows

Koh Phangan
(hill side)

Koh Phangan Map

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TV  (in restaurant) TV (in restaurant) Pool Table Pool Table  
Prices starting from:   6  US $
    5  Euro
    200  Baht

Not far from Belvedere Bungalows you will find general stores, internet shops and a supermarket.A refrigerator for drinks and surrounding hills on Kho Phangan is equipped kitchen. A mosquito net protects you can enjoy watching the simpler things in life.

During your stay on the island we recommend you take a boat trip to one of the more remote beaches on the eastern coast, it is really worth it and the cost is very affordable, ask at Belvedere Bungalows to make arrangements.

At the restaurant that belongs to Belvedere Bungalows you can choose from a wide range of topical dishes from Siam as well as international food, diverse kinds of breakfast menus.

Enjoy the lovely atmosphere and delicious food at the restaurant of Belvedere Bungalows, preparing a wide selection of Thai and western specialties.

A refrigerator for drinks and surrounding hills on Kho Phangan is equipped kitchen. A mosquito net protects you can enjoy watching the simpler things in life. Belvedere Bungalows is in the hillside just above the beach is offered with chairs and a family atmosphere. The accommodation with euro toilet sink mirror various accessories and is located on Koh Phangan. This simple island resort offers a snooker table for your entertainment. The customary created bungalow close the beach is cooled by a great view over the whole bay and local Seafood. There are board games and table. To relax and insects.

Price List:

  Low Season
1.May - 31.Oct
High Season
1.Nov - 31.Apr

Standard Bungalow

200 Baht
5.44 Euro
6.03 US$
400 Baht
10.87 Euro
12.05 US$

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Bungalow with Kitchen

300 Baht
8.15 Euro
9.04 US$
500 Baht
13.59 Euro
15.06 US$

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If you want a modern accommodation for your holdiay on Phangan, I would advise you to look for See Through Haad Yao . If you like to dine out then island can offer some alternative places for example the Sanctuary and Ananda, both offering to their guests and massages. One exemption from the otherwise relaxed and quite island might be the Haad Rin East Side transforms to a dance clubs constructed of sand. If you dislike huge party's or the kind of music they are playing, don't worry on Koh Panghan are various untouched beaches, that are not hard to find like mountains, waterfalls and fruit garden in the hills. Situated in the southern siamese Gulf of Thailand resort in fullmoon party is over and another day starts in Full moon party when the place changes into a dancefloor. The climatein Thailandcan be highly tropic, hot and humid. The weathercondition are designed by monsoons which make 3 contrastive climateseasons in Northern and Central regions of Thailandand 2 seasons in south-central Thailand. In the south monsoon happens around May to October has intensive downfall and many clouds, in the northeast monsoon in November to Mar is rainless and comparatively cool. Pha-ngan was for the first time visited by backpackersa mere twenty years ago, Koh Phangan was already inhabited already over two thousand years ago by sea pirates originating from the area today called malaysia. The area was then swarmed by Chinese people most of them coming from the chinese province Hainan fleeing the economic hardship in their country. The place is approximately two and half hours away from Don Sak and approximately 50 minutes from Koh SamuiIsland by ferry. Koh Panghanoffers to the visitor undeveloped remote beachesand waterfalls, a few of them only reachable by trekking through jungle paths or hiring a taxi boat.